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100% Owned Freehold Property in Thailand: 

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A reputation of excellence, now based in Phuket City, Thailand. Our history was born, with personally launching the secondary market of Dubai & the UAE, in 2001.

Tim Boswell, Founder and CEO of Ocean View Real Estate, has a history of integrity and success, leading and helping to create markets. The most internationally awarded Real Estate agency in the World, including "The Best Real Estate Agency in the World", judged by The International Property Awards and Bloomberg, from 122 countries, and 2000 entries.

Tim is widely recognised for launching the secondary market of Dubai and creating the first agency marketing domestically and internationally along with opening Dubai's first real estate showroom. Now, you can see what he visualised, as Oceanview Real Estate. 

Tim also launched Oceanview Real Estate in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang / Hoi An, Vietnam. 

The message we are conveying to you, is Tim Boswell has personally chosen Phuket as the headquarter location because this is beyond doubt the future Singapore of the World. 

Miss it at your peril. You missed the launch of Dubai and you missed Bitcoin, are you going to miss this too? 

Tim Boswell was honoured to be selected to partner with HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the eldest of two sons of the President of the United Arab Emirates. His Highness chose Tim Boswell​ ​Ocean View from all others in the UAE, a great honour.

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